1. Course Description

The CELTA is an introductory teacher training course designed for candidates with little or no previous English language TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teaching experience. It is also suitable for teachers who have teaching experience but who have had little or no formal teacher training. It is considered to be a solid foundation for teaching English as a foreign language. The CELTA teacher training course is recognised by EFL organisations worldwide and the certificate is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

2. Applicant Profile

Applicants for the CELTA course should have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables them to follow the course and complete the assignments and teach English at a range of levels. They should normally have a standard of education that would allow them entry to Higher Education in their country. Candidates must usually be 20 years old at the start of the CELTA course (although candidates from the age of 18 may be accepted at the centre’s discretion where it is confirmed that they have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective EFL teachers and that the course is suitable for them in terms of their background and their career plans).

3. Course Requirements

The CELTA Cambridge Certificate requires an attendance of a minimum of 120 hours over 4 weeks. These hours include:

  • input
  • tutorial support and consultation
  • supervised lesson planning
  • six hours assessed TEFL teaching practice
  • peer observation of TEFL teaching practice
  • six hours directed observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT teacher training professionals
  • a minimum of 80 hours of unsupervised work outside of timetabled course hours is also required
  • candidates must be present for at least 80% of each component of the course in order to pass, although 100% attendance is expected, and time off is granted in exceptional circumstances only.

4. Assessment Overview

The CELTA is awarded to candidates who have completed the course and met the assessment criteria for all written and practical assignments.

By the end of the course candidates should show that they are able to:

  • assess learners’ needs and plan and teach English lessons which take account of learners’ backgrounds, learning preferences and current needs
  • demonstrate language knowledge and awareness and appropriate teaching strategies
  • demonstrate knowledge about language skills and how they may be acquired
  • plan and prepare lessons designed to develop their learners’ overall language competence
  • demonstrate an appropriate range of English language teaching skills at this level and show professional awareness and responsibility

5. Teaching Practice and Observation

Teaching practice is an integral part of the course and takes place every day. It is related to the areas covered in the input sessions. Trainees work in groups of six to plan, observe and give feedback to each other on the teaching they have done. Candidates teach at least two different levels of students on the course to get experience of teaching at different levels. In feedback on teaching, all lessons are discussed by TP groups and tutors.

Tutors give both verbal and written feedback on each assessed lesson. Trainees also observe at least 6 hours of lessons given by qualified teachers.

Additional time is required for lesson preparation and written assignments.

As the course is full-time and very intensive, it is impossible to have any other commitments during the period of the course. Candidates will find they have to work most evenings and at weekends on course-related work.

6. Grading

Assessment is carried out on a continuous basis. There are two components for assessment:

  • Component one: planning and teaching
  • Component two: classroom-related written assignments.

There is at least one individual tutorial (mid-course), when trainees have a chance to discuss their progress to date with a tutor.

The Certificate is awarded to candidates who have met the course requirements, and whose performance meets, or exceeds, the criteria in both assessment components.

A “Pass” is awarded to candidates whose performance overall in the teaching practice and on the written assignments meets the specified criteria. These criteria are available for inspection at International House throughout the course, and can be viewed on-line at www.CambridgeESOL.org/teaching

A Pass Grade B is awarded to candidates whose performance on the written assignments meets the specified criteria and who have demonstrated in their teaching practice a level of achievement significantly higher than that required to meet pass-level criteria in relation to classroom teaching skills and professionalism.

A Pass Grade A is awarded to candidates whose performance on the written assignments meets the specified criteria and who have demonstrated in their teaching practice a level of achievement significantly higher than that required to meet pass level criteria in relation to planning for effective teaching, classroom teaching skills and professionalism.

An external assessor evaluates each CELTA course to ensure that standards are met by all centres. On completion of the course, International House Johannesburg will supply a written report for each candidate to indicate specific strengths and areas needing development.

IH will send out provisional grades a few days after the course. These will be confirmed on receipt of the official certificates from Cambridge approximately four to eight weeks after the course end.

The course tutor’s decision is final and there is no appeals procedure, although there is a complaints procedure.

It is important to note that the offer of a place does not in itself guarantee success in obtaining the certificate.

The cost of the CELTA Certificate is R18,100.00 - How to Pay.

Course dates for 2022
  • 17 January - 11 February
  • 07 March - 01 April
  • 30 May - 24 June
  • 01 August - 26 August
  • 26 September - 21 October
  • 14 November - 09 December
How to apply and prepare for the course?

Download CELTA application form for 2022

Complete the application form and email it to celta@ihjoburg.co.za.

We will evaluate your application and call you in for an interview.

On the day of the interview, you will complete a 45-minute written task after which you will be interviewed to establish your strengths and weaknesses and to determine if the course is appropriate for you.

Once you have been accepted on the course and have paid your deposit, you will be given a pre-course task to complete. In addition to completing the task we suggest you begin reading the prescribed methodology book. Both the pre-course task and the methodology book form part of your preparation for the course.

Extra Documentation

CELTA Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines
CIS Form (Cambridge)
CELTA Lesson Plan and Self-evaluation (docx)

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