Every year more than 3 million people take our tests to further their plans for work, study, travel or living in another country ... where will they take you?

Immigration / Visa / Academic Requirements

The Cambridge English suite of exams has a wide choice of certificates reflecting the very different needs and abilities of people. Our certificates cover basic exams for those beginning to learn English, through to advanced certificates for those who have attained a high level of fluency.

Our exams are recognised around the world by thousands of employers, universities and government ministries as proof of ability to use English.

These certificates never expire, and will not need to be renewed — they are an achievement for life.

All of our exams are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) — an internationally recognised benchmark of language ability.

1. General English exams (Computer-based)

Academic and Professional English:
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is an affordable, high-quality alternative to the IELTS test which is accepted by immigration and visa agencies worldwide that helps you develop the language skills you need for success. What makes it different from other English Language tests for visa applicants is that it provides in-depth assessment focusing only on those language levels needed for using English for study and work. It is used for immigration and your university and student visa applications in the UK and Australia.

    For assistance with registered migration agents contact:

  • Cambridge English: Proficiency, also known as Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), is our most advanced qualification. It proves you have achieved an extremely high level in English.
General English and for School:
  • Cambridge English: Key, also known as Key English Test (KET), is a basic level qualification that shows you can use English to communicate in simple situations. It shows you have made a good start in learning English.
  • Cambridge English: Key for Schools, also known as Key English Test (KET) for Schools, shows that a student can use simple, everyday written and spoken English.
  • Cambridge English: Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET), is an intermediate level qualification. It shows you are able to use your English language skills for work, study and travel.
  • Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET) for Schools, shows that a student can understand and communicate using everyday written and spoken English.
  • Cambridge English: First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is an upper-intermediate level qualification. It proves you can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes.
  • Cambridge English: First for Schools, is specially tailored to suit the interests of students, so it increases their motivation to learn English. Because it is based on familiar topics and situations, it gives them the confidence to use their English and inspires them to move on to further qualifications. Cambridge English: First for Schools is at an upper-intermediate level.
Young Learners
  • Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests, aimed at children in primary and lower-secondary education. There are three activity-based tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers. This gives students a clear path to improve in English.
CAE Workshop

This is a ½ day workshop geared towards 1st language and Advanced 2nd language English speakers. It provides an introduction to and practice for all parts of the CAE exam (Computer-based). Hours are from 08.00 - 12.30 on Saturdays.

* Workshops must be booked at least 1 week in advance. There will be a R200 fee charged for cancellations.

Cost: R850 (includes course materials)

Be sure to read through the Cambridge English Exams Information Pack before moving on with your booking.

* The deadline for exam registration is 1 week prior to the test date. There will be a R500 fee charged for cancellations and no refund if you miss the test without notification.

* Please note we cannot advise on which test needs to be taken. An immigration or border agency will need to confirm that for you.

Contact Maloba for further information, workshop, test dates and pricing on 011 339-1051 / exams@ihjoburg.co.za.


Ensure you get the IELTS score you need. The IELTS test has a very specific format and a preparation course is recommended even for native English speakers.

Familiarity with the structure of the test has been proven to increase scores.

You can prepare for the IELTS test in the following ways:

1. Self study test preparation using the Official IELTS practice materials with DVD. This has examples and sample answers to help you prepare for IELTS. Purchase this from our reception
Cost: R460

2. IELTS Preparation 

We offer 1-to-1 preparation at R350 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per day.

Contact us for more information and booking on 011 339-1051 or info@ihjoburg.co.za.

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